What’s the Radiant Heat Installation Process Like?

The professional radiant heat process is fairly straightforward. Once a plan is agreed upon, the radiant heat team will work with an electrician to figure out the most efficient way to install your system in less than a week.

A quick Google search of radiant heat installations shows how complicated the process can be, but complicated doesn’t always mean intrusive.

Of course, a proper radiant heat flooring installation should be handled by a professional team and not a DIYer. There are several steps to ensure that your radiant heat system is installed the right way, maximizing efficiency and long-term viability. Read on to learn about the surprisingly straightforward professional installation process and what you can expect as a homeowner.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Installation

If you’ve opted for electric radiant heat, you’ll likely hire an electrician along with the radiant heat team to ensure that your system and circuits are capable of working together. First, the radiant heat team will install the floor and boiler system in a process that takes only a couple of days, depending on the size of the project. From there, the electrician will connect the thermostat to the system and cross-check the electric wiring to make sure everything is in working order.

Why It’s Easier Than HVAC

The biggest time saver with radiant heat is that there’s no ductwork to install. Radiant heat rises from the floor (and warms more evenly), so it’s a much faster and more consistent installation process. Beyond the ease of installation, radiant heat is a significant upgrade in a vast majority of homes and can increase the property’s overall value.

Ongoing Maintenance of Radiant Heat

Another great thing about radiant heat is that once it’s installed, annual maintenance is minimal. The pumps are lubricated by water, and the piping is very durable, so there isn’t much that actually needs to be maintained. You can expect a 20-30-year lifespan out of your radiant heat system with regular, annual checkups.


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