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As your premier HVAC Contractor in Portland, we only employ certified and highly trained technicians to perform work on your home or business heating and cooling system. Here at The Earth Heating, we pride ourselves on our incredibly high rate of customer satisfaction, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail as your personal HVAC contractor in Portland. There’s no element of your HVAC needs too tiny for a contractor to overlook, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work and brand selection.

Your One Stop HVAC Contractor

We can’t tell you we specialize when every service we offer is performed with the utmost care and skill by our HVAC contractor Portland team. Our cooling and heating contractors live, breath, and sweat HVAC, working hard every day to ensure that when they work for you their standards elevate them above the competition. As your HVAC Contractor Portland we can perform any service you may need including work on:
HVAC Contractor Portland Oregon

  • AC Systems

    One of our HVAC contractor Portland will make Air Conditioning System Installation seamless. From duct installation & repair to helping you identify the perfect spot for your AC Unit, with all the name brands at our disposal there’s guaranteed to be an option that’s right for you. An HVAC contractor needs to have the knowledge to answer any question you may have regarding output, noise levels, and monthly electric costs. If you already have an AC System installed our HVAC contractor technicians have the skills to maintain it or repair it, no matter what the problem.

  • Heat Pumps

    Tackling Heat Pumps is second nature for this Portland HVAC Contractor. Whether you need an electrical, or gas absorption heat bump, we have the technical skills you need to get it installed properly and warming your home. We also do repairs on an existing model, so you’ll never have to be left out in the cold.

  • Boilers and Heating Systems

    Handling Boilers and Heating Systems is a cinch when you use us for your HVAC Contractor. Our boiler service in Portland is equipped for both installation and repair of any make or model you require.

  • Duct Install and Efficient HVAC Ventilation

    When you need duct work done quickly and efficiently, turn to an HVAC contractor. In addition to installation that’s over before you know it, we can also pair it with energy efficient ventilation. This can also be done with existing systems to provide you with the most efficient system possible.

  • Radiant Heating and Radiators

    Sometimes standard heating options just don’t cut it. We offer the best in Radiant floor heating and radiant heat installation Portland, providing you with all-encompassing warmth from floor to wall. An Earth Heating HVAC contractor will also install and repair radiators as well.

  • Ductless Systems and Emergency Repair

    When you need a nearly invisible Ductless System installed or any number of emergency repairs, trust an HVAC contractor to get the job done. Our years of experience make our technicians the most level headed in the industry, so when your equipment is turning up the heat without your permission, an HVAC contractor in Portland will stay cool.

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With guaranteed service and a history of doing reliable, long-lasting work, you’ll never use another Portland HVAC contractor once you give us a phone call for all your Portland OR HVAC Contractor needs.