What Type of Utility Disruption Can I Expect with a Radiant Heat Install?

With a radiant heat install, homeowners can expect a 1-2 day utility disruption. A quality installer like The Earth Heating will work with your contractor and construction team to make the installation as efficient and timely as possible.

By now, you’re probably familiar with the efficiency and long-term value that radiant heat flooring offers. It’s an excellent solution for Portland-area residents building custom homes or working through a high-end renovation in Lake Oswego or Happy Valley.

Something people are less familiar with is the level of disruption they can expect during the installation process. The good news is that the interruption is typically minimal. Read on to learn more about how the process is less invasive than you would think.

The Length of Utility Disruption During Radiant Heat Installation

Although the actual timeline depends on the size of the project, most homeowners can expect to be without hot water for 1-2 days. The installation requires a shutoff of the utility to do the install safely, and it can be planned around when the home is vacant, or the owners are away. A quality radiant heat installer will work with your contractor to do this alongside another project or at the most convenient time.

Does Radiant Heat Require Inspections in Oregon?

Yes, it does. Since it is considered a major installation, both the city and state are required to inspect the system before the system is considered safe and legal to use. There is a fee for each of those inspections, and costs vary by state. In Oregon, prices vary depending on the city the residence is in, specifically.

Radiant heat is also a popular solution for ADUs as the installation is often done in basements and ground floors. It usually ends up being a more sensible solution for those with the extra space. Radiant heat is a highly customizable solution based on the needs of a given home.

Why Radiant Heat is a Great Home Heating Solution for Portland-area Homeowners

Long-term, radiant heat can offer significant savings over traditional forced air. It also has significantly fewer “hot spots” since the heat is distributed evenly from the floor instead of from above. Radiant heat is also a suitable option for those converting old boiler-driven homes to a more modern solution.


Once you’ve done initial research about radiant heat, the next step is to get an estimate from a qualified and professional radiant heat installer. Portland-area homeowners trust The Earth Heating for all of their home heating needs. Call (503) 788-7777 today to schedule your free quote.

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