What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant floor heating can be an energy-efficient way to heat your home from the ground up. It uses a system of tubes or cables to power heat underneath a home’s floor, and the heat uniformly moves up from there. There is a higher upfront cost, but the energy savings over time can be significant.

Whether you’re building your dream home in the Portland metro area or are looking to upgrade the antiquated system of your historical townhouse renovation, radiant floor heating is an excellent, energy-efficient option to heat your home. Because it’s a significant step in the home construction process, it’s essential to understand what radiant floor heating is (and what it isn’t) before deciding if it’s right for you and your dwelling.

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work?

In short, this system works by running heated PEX tubing (a high-end type of tubing) beneath your floor so that as the warm, heated air rises, you can enjoy uniform warmth throughout the heated space (whether one room or a whole home). You cannot cool your home using this system, but it does offer streamlined, even heating without the use of ducts or blowing air.

What Is the Main Type of Radiant Floor Heating?

The primary type of radiant floor heating is a hot water radiant system. Also called “hydronic heating,” this application uses heated water that circulates through a special kind of tubing. This system can be installed in a variety of ways, including tubing in concrete, tubing in overpour (an installation feature to keep the tubing in place), tubing in plates from above or underneath, or by hanging or staple-up tubing (a less insulated installation option).

The system is attached to a hot water heater, thermostat, and pump that circulates the water. It is part of a system that can be separate from the water heater you use for everyday tasks like washing and cooking. As you’d expect, the installation cost depends widely based on the layout and size of the home or remodel.


Although radiant floor heating has a higher upfront cost, it can save significant amounts of money over time and be a great, energy-efficient option in many houses. If you have questions about installation, cost, or anything else radiant heat-related in the Portland, Oregon area, call the experts at The Earth Heating today at (503) 788-7777 to learn more about how we’ve helped Portland homeowners embrace the power of radiant heat.

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