Things to Consider Before Installing a Radiant Heating System

The installation process for radiant heating can be complicated, but complicated doesn’t always mean invasive. Here are a few things to know about installing radiant heating in your home.

Radiant floor heating is a popular choice for many luxury homes and remodels. And the elegance of even heating combined with the economical savings and tax incentives means radiant heating will remain popular in the Portland metro area for generations to come. But what is the installation process really like? And how invasive is it going to be to add such a complicated system into your dream home? The answer may surprise you.

Use a Professional

Installing radiant heating is not a job for amateurs or DIYers. There are many steps and checks a professional will take to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your radiant heat flooring. Furthermore, yearly maintenance inspections are paramount for ensuring your system stays in tip-top shape.

Electronic Installation

If you’ve opted to add the electric radiant heating option, you’ll want to hire an electrician and a radiant heat team to tackle the job. Surprisingly, the process can often be completed in just a few days. The electrician will ensure that your wiring is compatible with the system and connect the thermostat. Meanwhile, the radiant flooring team will install the polyurethane tubing under your flooring finish and secure the boiler to all the parts involved. And that’s it! Most people opt for one or two medium to small-sized rooms for radiant floor heating, so the installation process is not as invasive as you may think.

Where To Install

When radiant heating is added as a remodel option for an already existing home, usually one or two small to medium-sized rooms are chosen. It cannot be overstated how luxurious radiant heating can feel when installed in the perfect bathroom, bedroom, or cozy living room. Since radiant floor heating can be installed in one small room or many large rooms, the heating company can work with a wide variety of budgets. What makes the installation process so quick is that there’s no ductwork to do. The heat naturally rises from the floor instead of being pushed throughout these rooms by dusty air.

Lasting Results

Radiant heating systems have a lifetime warranty on all the polyurethane tubing installed throughout your house, and the pumps and controls can last 30 years or more with proper maintenance. With such lasting luxury and swift installation, it’s easy to see why radiant heating has become the *hottest* new trend in the Portland metro area.


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