Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades Continue to be In-Demand Through the Pandemic

A recent Zillow research piece also published on Yahoo! Finance highlights the value radiant heat brings to a house. The story notes that radiant heat led to a 3.2% price premium and was the fifth-highest feature that led to an increased sell price, ahead of some more popular amenities.

The pandemic sent many real estate markets around the country into a frenzy, with more buyers looking for more space outside the main urban core. It also inspired many homeowners in older properties to move forward with renovations and upgrades as they proved to add significant value.

Radiant Heat Leads to Improved Value

According to a new Zillow & Yahoo! Finance piece, kitchen, and bathroom upgrades lead the way, especially heating and cooling improvements: “…heated floors or radiant heat — to warm your feet on a cold bathroom floor — were associated with a 3.2% sale price premium.” Radiant heat was the fifth-highest feature that led a house to sell for more—radiant heat listed above new appliances, quartz counters, and even smart appliances.

The story goes on to explain that two of the top ten features in listings that sold above the expected price in 2020 were related to bathrooms. Zillow also notes that self-described “fixer-uppers” actually went for an average of 12.9% less than expected. This means that buyers are looking for upgrades like radiant heat already installed and will pay a premium to enjoy consistent, reliable heat in the bathroom or throughout the home.

Radiant Heat is Hotter Than Ever

Most of the major real estate markets in the Pacific Northwest are still red-hot. This means stiff competition for what’s on the market and buyers looking for key upgrades that could tip the balance towards a higher initial offer. With a fairly straightforward and time-efficient install, radiant heat is a great way to add value to a home with an initial investment that could be recouped upon resale or even through the significant energy savings down the road.


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