Is Radiant Heating Safe?

Radiant floor heating is a very safe way to heat a home. Instead of relying on ductwork, radiators, and vents, the system relies on underfloor PEX tubing through a system that’s much safer and tidier.

When considering a water-based radiant floor heat system, installation and user safety is always a paramount concern, especially in new construction and remodels.

The good news is that, unlike other heating systems, radiant heat flooring is generally easy to install and carries little-to-no maintenance throughout its lifetime. Beyond that, there are other essential reasons to prove radiant heat’s trustworthiness.

Better Safety and More Comfort

Since the entire heating system is underneath the floor, there’s no need to worry about the sharp edges and hot surfaces that come with traditional radiator heating. This makes radiant heat an excellent choice for those with young children as the entire system is neatly put away. Additionally, thermal circulation allows for better air quality as the heat is rising from the floor instead of kicking up dust through a radiator’s standard circulation patterns. There are also some general scientific reasons why radiant heat is more comfortable, which we go into here.

What is the Maintenance of Radiant Floor Heating?

Once the system is installed, there’s virtually no maintenance. Most modern systems run on pumps lubricated by water, which allows for quiet and efficient operation. The water that actually heats the PEX tubing is powered through various methods, meaning heating teams can use the safest materials. Radiant heat requires no filters or ducts that require regular cleaning, so beyond an annual inspection (as is standard with all heating systems), owners rest easy with a well-performing heating system year after year.

A Cleaner, More Efficient Home

In addition to radiant floor heating being up to 30% more efficient than a conventional heating system, the absence of venting and radiators means you can have peace of mind in a cleaner-looking layout. This could offer more opportunities to work with a broader range of design and interior options.


Radiant floor heating is quickly becoming the preferred option for buyers overseeing new construction and remodels alike as it’s an energy- and cost-efficient method to heat a home with less maintenance and more confidence than a traditional heating system. For a decade, Portland homeowners have trusted The Earth Heating with their radiant heating needs. Call (503) 788-7777 today to learn how to improve your home’s heating efficiency.

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