Frequently Asked Questions About Boiler Installation and Service

Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding boiler installation and maintenance.

A boiler can be a charming addition to your home, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Modern versions use natural gas to heat water and provide steam, which creates radiant heat that warms the whole house. Boilers can also be used in radiant floor heating systems that pump water through hoses buried in the foundation. This creates a comfortable and economical heat that can be appreciated for generations.

But if you’re interested in installing a boiler into your old home or new housing project, there are some essential elements to consider. Let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions about boiler installation and maintenance.

What Are The Different Types of Boilers?

Boilers come in many different types that require specific hardware and maintenance. A hot water boiler is perhaps the one you picture in your head most easily when you think of a boiler. In this model, hot water is heated by a burner using fossil fuels and then pumped into the radiators. As the water expands, it releases the heat into the air, and the cooled water is returned to the burner to start the process over.

Other boilers are powered by electric burners, natural gas, or oil. Some boilers live up to their nomenclature by actually boiling the water. Others convert the water into steam instantaneously. Still others, called “combo” boilers, utilize the hot water coming directly from the tap. Thus negating the need for additional water storage devices. These units can be highly compact and are often called wall-mounted boilers.

How Is A Boiler Installed?

As you can see, boilers come in many shapes and sizes, so questions about installation come down to the type of boiler you choose. In very broad terms, the heating device is installed, a water container is attached to it, and pipes are strategically run throughout your house to connect the hot water to radiators. In even the most simplistic models, maintenance and servicing is a must.

How Often Are Boilers Serviced?

Energy companies highly recommend getting your boiler serviced once a year by a certified technician. Yearly maintenance can save you money on costly repairs.

How Long Does A Boiler Last?

The average life of a boiler is 10 to 15 years. After that, they tend to become inefficient beyond repair. It is recommended that your boiler be replaced with a more energy-efficient model every 15 years. This will keep your family safe and your wallet happy.


If you’d like to know more about the installation or maintenance of boilers or which type of boiler is right your you, call The Earth Heating at (503) 788-7777.

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