Does Radiant Heat Increase Home Value?

This post explains why radiant heat is a great investment and could potentially add value to your home. There are all sorts of reasons why radiant heat is a positive purchase, including efficiency, even heating, long-term savings, and more.

It’s a common question: Does radiant heat actually add value to a home? In this post, we’ll dive into more details about the type of value radiant heat can add to any type of home – a new build, renovation, or just a single area.

What is Radiant Heat?

In short, radiant heat directs heat through the floors (via specially installed panels) more consistently through a space, creating a uniform level of heat that many homeowners notice is a more subtle, even heating experience. There are several options for radiant heat, including hydronic and electric methods.

How Radiant Heat Adds Home Value

Of course, adding any sort of upgrades to your home will generally increase its value. As the national and Portland-area real estate market continues to be red-hot, radiant heat is one of those defining, luxury features that new buyers are looking for. It’s a feature that you and your realtor will definitely highlight and could be the tipping point in a sale.

Homeowners tend to choose radiant heat if they plan on staying in their homes for a significant amount of time, recouping some of the initial installation cost, and enjoying the benefits of consistent and efficient heating.

Energy Savings Are Key, Too

One of the other defining features of radiant heat is its ability to cut down on energy bills over time. Beyond the 10+% in savings on annual energy bills, certain government incentives are available to homeowners to switch to radiant heat. For homeowners looking to stay in their home for more than a decade, they may be able to offset the entire cost of their system and installation and actually make it a net-positive purchase.


So, overall, radiant heat is an excellent way to add value to your home. However, like with any big installation, it requires the knowledge and guidance of the best in the business. Call The Earth Heating today at (503) 788-7777 to learn more and schedule a free estimate at your home.

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