Annual Maintenance Comparisons of Radiant Heat and Other Heating Systems

Year-to-year, radiant heat costs much less to maintain than a forced air system. There are no filters, no ductwork, and very few external parts to keep up with. Forced air maintenance can get expensive quickly and require many components.

According to the US Department of Energy, older furnace and boiler systems had efficiencies in the 56% to 70% range, while modern conventional heating systems can achieve a rating as high as 98.5%. One of the most modern systems is radiant heat that actually uses old-school science to warm homes and specific spaces. Many luxury home and high-end renovators choose radiant heat because of its low annual maintenance costs.

Annual Forced Air Maintenance

As one of the more popular heating options, forced air is found in a variety of homes. However, many buyers forget the involved annual maintenance of these systems, including:

  • Checking the combustion chamber for cracks
  • Regular carbon monoxide testing
  • Adjust blower control and supply-air temperature
  • Clean and oil the blower
  • Removing dirt and debris from the furnace or boiler
  • Checking fuel input and flame characteristics
  • Ensuring proper, non-leaking connections between the furnace and main ducts.

That list gets long in a hurry and most of it can only be done by a professional team. One issue can get expensive, fast, and typically requires intrusive maintenance.

Annual Radiant Heat Maintenance

Beyond radiant heat systems physically costing less energy year-to-year, the pumps installed in modern systems are typically maintenance-free. Since water is the lubricant for pumps and bearings, the mechanisms have a longer, quieter lifespan. Pumps have a general life expectancy of 10 years and require a quick look along with your general planned annual maintenance. A good installer will ensure that your radiant heat system is done right the first time, and you’ll enjoy decades of consistent, energy-efficient heat.


Of course, the first step in embracing radiant heat is to choose a professional and trusted installer that can walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Portland-area homeowners have chosen The Earth Heating for more than a decade for all of their radiant heat flooring needs. Our team takes time and care with every client to ensure all questions are answered and concerns alleviated. Call (503) 788-7777 to learn more.

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