3 Important Radiant Heat Advantages Beyond Saving Money

Radiant heat has a significant number of advantages beyond financial. These include quieter operating sound, temperature consistency, and flexibility in installation. The Earth Heating is a great source for radiant heat flooring in the Portland area.

Radiant heat flooring is a heating solution that’s growing in popularity among luxury homeowners and those doing high-end remodels. While you may know the basics about the long-term financial incentives of owning a system, you may not know about all of the non-financial positives. This post outlines three of the most significant.

Supremely Quiet

Since radiant heat is underneath your floor and runs on insulated piping, the system as a whole is very quiet. The heat source comes from a different place, so there’s no concern about the whoosh of forced air ruining a quiet night in. You won’t hear vents switching on and off throughout the day, and the cling of an old radiator is a thing of the past. The lack of ductwork needed also means more quiet and fewer allergies for those who suffer in springtime when air brought in from the outside is full of pollen.

Temperature Consistency

As warm air rises in your home, you may feel that the forced air your system is bringing into the space simply floats away. With radiant floor heating, the heat that the floors emit travels upwards, warming the whole room at an even temperature and allowing the room to use all of that available heat. It also means more balanced humidity since there’s no furnace to clear out that moisture. You’ll likely note fresher sinuses and skin almost immediately.

Flexible and Scalable

Radiant heat can run on gas, solar, wood, solar, or various combinations of fuel, making it highly adaptable for a variety of installation applications. Additionally, radiant heat can be installed in very specific spaces if one room is better for it over another. This also means you can build the system into your new construction or overall remodel plan.


Of course, a good radiant heat system starts with a professional radiant heat installation team. Portland homeowners trust The Earth Heating as their source for reliable, on-time, and on-budget radiant heat installation. Call (503) 788-7777 today to learn more and schedule a free estimate.

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