What To Expect with a Radiant Heat Flooring Installation

A radiant heat installation is much less invasive than many homeowners think. Once the estimate and contract process is complete, a reputable heating company will work with a contractor and the build team to make the install as quick and seamless as possible. Radiant heat flooring also has a long lifespan.

Radiant heat flooring is a popular option for luxury homes and those looking to take a home remodel to the next level. While the efficiency and long-term cost benefits are popular reasons for many homeowners to invest in a system, the installation process is actually less invasive than one would think.

The Estimate and Mapping Process

The great thing about a radiant heat flooring installation is that the homeowners can be as minimally or fully involved as they would like. A reputable heating company will try to understand how much the customer knows about the system and will offer multiple options within the specified budget. From there, open communication will help both sides understand what is and isn’t possible.

Working with the Contractor

The heating company will look at the contractor’s blueprints to confirm that the agreed-upon radiant heat flooring system will work and be a good fit for the space or the home. As the actual installation date gets closer, a good heating company will work closely with the contractor to ensure a timely and accurate plan for the install. Throughout this process, the homeowners can be involved in every meeting – or none at all.

Timeline for the Installation

Although much of the timeline depends on the size of the installation, the disruption is minimal and it can typically be completed in a couple of days. Especially if it’s part of a larger remodel, the heating company can work in the required utility turnoff to a minimally-disruptive time and have reliable radiant heat flooring up and running fairly quickly.

Lastly, most radiant heat flooring has a lifetime warranty in the tubing and homeowners can expect a 20-30 year lifespan in the controls and pumps. However, with regular, annual maintenance and care, these systems can last longer.


Radiant heat flooring is an effective and efficient solution for home heating. Portland-area homeowners have trusted The Earth Heating for more than a decade to provide top-level, professional radiant heat services and other heating needs. Call (503) 788-7777 to learn more.

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