Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor heating West Linn
When was the last time you considered your heating system? Many homeowners accept what they have without considering the alternatives. Imagine waking up every day to a warm floor. You step out of bed and instead of setting your bare feet on a cold floor or carpet you step onto a gently warming hardwood. That wonderful toasty feeling follows you as you enter the kitchen to make your morning cup of coffee. As your floor heats the air gets warmer until you settle into the perfect temperature. That can be your reality every day with a new radiant floor heating system in your West Linn home.

Is your home heating system as efficient as it can be?

Radiant floor heating offers one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. That’s because when we install radiant heating¬†on your property it pumps hot air, water, or heats electrical coils in your floor and/or walls. That piping delivers efficiency in the same way a ductless split system delivers cool air.

Because the pipes are so tightly structured and have a much smaller surface area than vents, you don’t experience the same level of heat loss. The heat is evenly dispersed directly into the areas it is needed. A ducted system has to rely on hot air being pushed through your home and relies on natural distribution instead of directed distribution like a radiant system provides.

  • It all starts with an inspection and evaluation. We will come to your home to inspect your existing system and determine your options. If you already have a boiler then a hot water radiant system may be the best cost to value. An existing HVAC system makes air heating a great option. If you have neither we’ll perform a cost-analysis for an electric radiant heating system.
  • Our technicians install your new radiant heating system. We only trust the best brand-name heating solutions and materials in our customer’s homes. Using tested and high-quality products upfront leads to better performance in the long run. That can further reduce your heating bill and even pay for itself over time.
  • We maintain your system, too! The smartest way to ensure you always get the most out of your system is with regular maintenance. Our maintenance packages are affordable and include inspections and parts servicing. These are designed to catch problems before they become serious and maintain the efficiency of your system.

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Radiant Floor heating West Linn

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