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If there is one need that truly determines comfort in your new or current Portland property, it’s heating and cooling. Whether you’re dealing with the hottest summer day or the coldest winter night, your home is where you spend the majority of your time.

When temperatures are inadequate in either direction it makes for an uncomfortable environment where you need comfort the most. The Earth Heating has been servicing Portland’s heating and cooling needs for over a decade, and with our service guarantee, there’s no better choice than The Earth Heating.

The Heating and Cooling Difference

There are a number of things that make these systems distinct from one another, and both require particular specialties and considerations. Our cooling and heating contractors from The Earth Heating are certified and bonded to perform work on both heating and cooling units. We provide you with the correct options and installation for your unique heating and cooling needs.

Indoor Heating Options

Options are plentiful when it comes to heating in Portland, here are just some of the different ways we can help you avoid the winter chills.

  • Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance – As an essential component in heating and cooling systems these are an excellent choice for saving space and they offer dual performance, capable of both heating and cooling your home. We’d be happy to help you identify the perfect model to cover both your needs or service an existing unit.
  • Boiler and Furnace Installation and Repair – Whether you’ve got an ancient system in need of boiler service that’s barely chugging along or you need a new top of the line model, an HVAC contractor can walk you through what it takes to get your existing boiler and furnace back into peak condition or what you want in a new one. Whatever the season throws at you, The Earth Heating can make sure you’re ready for it.
  • Radiant Floor Heating and Radiators – Radiators are fantastic options when you need to heat an individual room or a smaller space, we perform radiant heat installation and maintenance on all existing models. Our technicians are also skilled at radiant heat installation and repair. These provide a lavish heating option that’s sure to impress when you feel radiant heating coming through your floor and realize you may never need to wear socks indoors again.
  • Geothermal Repair and Service – We can easily and quickly identify whether or not you can make use of Geothermal Heating in Portland. If you’re able it can be a great cost-effective way to heat your home. If you’re already equipped, our technicians can keep your Geothermal System running the way it was intended to.

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Indoor Cooling Options

We’re adept at installing Air Conditioning Units and offer a number of reliable brands at excellent prices. So if you have an air conditioning unit that is going out or need a new unit installation contact the heating & cooling experts at The Earth Heating.

We specialize in duct installation & repair as well. When installing new ducts for your cooling or heating system we have a number of energy efficient options available as well as the ability to retrofit your current system for better efficiency.

Think of The Earth Heating first when you need Portland Heating & Cooling service, we guarantee our work and your satisfaction is our top priority.