Energy Efficient Ventilation in Portland

Energy Efficient Ventilation Portland
Today’s homes are built for energy efficiency, but that same construction also greatly restricts how well fresh air can get into the house, and can trap dust, allergens and more. Your heating and cooling system pushes contaminants through your vents and into the air you breathe. The best way to keep your system up-to-date and allergen free is with energy efficient ventilation in Portland. At The Earth Heating, we’ll consult with you and inspect your current system before we advise you on a new one. If you won’t benefit from it, we won’t advise it. 
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How does your ventilation system work?

Ventilation is needed to keep air moving and not stagnant. While you can purchase energy efficient foil insulation on your own for your current ventilation system, it won’t be effective without proper ventilation updates such as a thorough duct installation & repair. We can update your current ventilation system to be energy efficient, or install a new energy efficient ventilation system. This will bring fresh air into the entire home in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

To make your ventilation system energy efficient, give a certified HVAC contractor in Portland a call and start saving money today!