Ductless Mini Splits Installation

Ductless Mini Splits Installation Portland
Ductless heat pumps are heating systems for heating large rooms and/or within the home in general. These pumps take the latent heat out of the air and pump it back into your home allowing your home to absorb the heat. These systems have many moving parts and can break down regularly, it is important that you have someone with the right knowledge to service these units correctly.

What are the benefits of ductless mini splits?

  1. These are ideal for retrofitting properties. They can be installed in buildings of any size and don’t take up the space that ducted systems do.
  2. Ductless systems cool using individual condensers in each room. That allows you to cool rooms individually.
  3. Because these systems don’t heat a whole property at once, they actually reduce electricity usage by 30% on average over ducted systems.
  4. These savings typically mean that over their lifetime a ductless system will pay for itself.

The Earth Heating has extensive experience working with ductless heat pumps systems which makes us a great choice for your next service shop. Our high-tech testing and diagnostic equipment will help us to quickly diagnose the cause of the problem so that you can get the heat turned back on in your home faster than our competitors. If you have a ductless heat pump, contact us today for all of your heat pump needs whether it is ductless or duct installation & repair Portland!

We install, service and repair all major brands!

Ductless Mini Splits Installation Portland

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