Signs Your Air Conditioning System Is Going Out
June 17, 2014
The Various Parts Of An HVAC System
June 30, 2014
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Times When You May Need An HVAC Contractor

An HVAC system is designed to keep you comfortable in your own home, whether it be to cool you off or heat you up. When the system starts to go out, you will most likely need an HVAC contractor in Portland to fix everything up for you. There is nothing worse than being too cold or too hot, so making sure you have a working HVAC system is very important. Your HVAC system works throughout the year, meaning it will show signs of wear and tear eventually, no matter how careful you are. These signs can show up in any part of the system, including the heating pumps, air conditioning unit, and furnace. Look for these signs to ensure you are keeping up with your HVAC system.


Normal wear and tear will take down any system if given enough time. An HVAC contractor can let you know how long your various parts should last, but the general consensus is that an air conditioning unit will give you ten to fifteen years, a heat pump will give you ten years, and a furnace will last for fifteen to twenty-five years. These are general estimates and depend a lot on how much you keep up with general maintenance concerns. If any of these parts are getting up there in age, having them looked at by an HVAC contractor is probably a good idea.

Uneven Airflow

Your system should have a steady airflow that works to heat or cool the entire home without working overly hard. If you are experiencing uneven or weak airflow, calling in an HVAC contractor should probably be your next step. Proper duct installation & repair will definitely take the edge off of your bill. The uneven airflow is typically a sign of a problem within the system, be it in the unit itself or in the ducts. There is most likely something broken or blocked that needs to be taken care of.

Smells and Sounds

Be aware of any unusual smells that come from the units, as they are generally always a sign of a problem somewhere within the Portland heating and air conditioning system. An HVAC contractor will be able to tell you what the issue is, but musty smells typically indicate a growth of some sort, be it mold or mildew, while electrical smells indicate some faulty wiring. Units may also make sounds that are unfamiliar and clanky. These sounds indicate a problem as well, and need to be addressed by a licensed HVAC contractor as soon as possible.