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November 26, 2014
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Preparing and responding to a Heating Emergency

Heating Emergencies

With winter quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to consider what to do in the event of a heating emergency. Things may seem perfect right now, your furnace or heat pump is functioning as it should, wind is at a minimum, and you’re nice and toasty. If you’ve spent at least one Winter in Portland, OR, you know what winter brings. Heavy rains and wild winds are capable of knocking power out for hours or days at a time. Weather conditions can also effect heating equipment, causing it to stop functioning as intended. There are some excellent steps you can take in order to stay warm and safe though.

Heating Emergency Preparedness

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Information – Make sure you have your neighbors numbers on hand, in addition to emergency contacts. These can include house repair contractors, and especially a heating contractor in Portland. If you suffer a power outage you may not have access to the internet, but will still have regular cell access. Keeping these numbers in your contacts will ensure you’ll have them when you need them.

Kits – There are a number of sites that teach you how to make preparedness kits. Whether you’re waiting for power, or for someone to come fix your homes heating unit, it’s important to have items at the ready that will help you stay warm. Some commonly chosen kit items that can make a major difference during a heating emergency include:

  • Thermal Blankets – Also known as space blankets, these silver colored blankets reflect and contain your own body heat in order to keep you warm in cold environments.
  • Fuel Cans – These are created by a variety of makers but all share the same properties. Great for long-term storage, these gelled, canned fuel sources can be used for external heating or to cook food.
  • Blankets and clothing – It may sound obvious, but it is equally important to have warm blankets and clothing as it is to know exactly where it is. If you have a special place reserved for these items, you will know exactly where to find them in a stressful situation.
  • Wood – If you have a fireplace, it’s essential to have a solid supply of dry wood. This can provide you with a great source of heat during emergencies.

Now you know how to keep yourself warm during a heating emergency. It’s always best to make sure your heating device is prepared for winter, but if you do encounter an emergency heating situation, call your local Portland, OR heating contractor as soon as possible.