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December 8, 2014
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HVAC: When to Replace and When to Repair

HVAC equipment is complicated. This can make it incredibly difficult to determine the right course of action when something goes wrong. When you are dealing with something like a car, it is usually easy to figure out; how much is gas, what is the cost of the repair, what will a newer model cost? When it comes to an HVAC system there is more to consider. What is your current model costing in electricity, how old is it, how much is a repair versus a new unit in the long run? A HVAC contractor that specialized in Heating & Cooling in Portland, OR can help you determine the best course of action, but if you go in armed with knowledge you’ll know if the heating contractor has your best interest in mind.

HVAC Replacement Factors

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  • HVAC Age – If your air conditioning unit or your standing pilot furnace was built prior to 1992, you may want to replace it. Your furnace is likely 65% as efficient as a new one, and your air conditioning unit is running at 8 SEER or below. The savings you can can get in utility costs can even help to cover the price of a new unit.
  • Exempt Compressors and Cracked Exchangers – These are both instances when you want to seriously consider replacing the unit. AC compressors that are out of warranty are very expensive to replace, as are cracked heat exchangers in furnaces. Spending so much on a unit that will almost certainly require more oncoming maintenance is a bad investment. Newer equipment will save you both time, and money in the long run.

HVAC Repair Factors

HVAC Price – If the cost of a repair is less than a third of replacing the unit, and the unit is younger than 3/4 of its life, consider repair. It may prove beneficial to keep the current system, as it could have a substantial number of years left. This is also a good time to figure out what you could save by replacing the unit, and there are some great tools that can help you do so.

At the end of the day, some new furnaces need replacement and some older air conditioning systems run like new. An honest, trained, and qualified Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor in Portland, OR can help you decide whether it is time to replace, or time to repair.