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5 things you want in an Emergency Heating Repair kit

Emergency Heating Repair

emergency heating repair portland
No one ever wants to need emergency heating repair in Portland. It can seem like you’re heating system will be good forever. It’s been chugging along fine so far without so much as peep when suddenly…it starts to get very cold, and adjusting the thermostat doesn’t appear to be helping. Your heating system is in now need of repairs. Luckily, there are some excellent emergency heating repair companies in Portland. Calling them should always be your first order of business. What to do in the meantime though? If you’re well prepared your heating system failure doesn’t have to be stressful. Just makes sure your emergency kit contains:

  • Plastic Sheeting and Duct tape – It isn’t the usual emergency supply, but it serves an incredibly important purpose when you don’t have heat. Plastic sheeting allows you to shield off a section of your house. This way you can weatherproof any windows and door areas. In a Portland emergency heating repair situation, doing this will help keep heat in the room, making it significantly warmer thanks to body heat retention.
  • Space Blankets – No kit is complete without some silver space blankets. These act as insulators and keep heat close to your body, helping you to quickly heat yourself. You should have at least one for every occupant on the premises, that way no one is left out in the cold.
  • A flash light and tools – Sometimes when a major appliance like a heating system fails it can send out an electrical spike that damages other systems. In the event this causes a power outage, you’ll want to have a flashlight and any tools necessary at the ready. Make sure to turn off any gas or electrical systems that are routed to the heater. Since you don’t know what type of damage has been caused, it’s best to be cautious.

When you need emergency heating repair in Portland, don’t hesitate to Call (503) 788 – 7777 or Contact The Earth Heating.