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January 7, 2015
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5 Heating Myths Costing you Money

Myth 1: Portable heaters are cheaper to run than central heating in Portland, OR.Heating in Portland, OR

Many people have older systems performing heating in Portland, OR. They may be putting off heating maintenance or heating repairs under the assumption that portable heaters will work just as well. Unfortunately, electricity isn’t cheap. Your central heating system, the one awaiting professional heating repairs, uses gas. A gas furnace costs 3 – 5 times less to heat an area as would the same job with a bunch of electric heaters. With your savings, and a bit of work, your system could provide your whole house with heating in Portland, OR.

Myth 2: Turning up your heating in Portland, OR will heat your house faster.

Heaters operate at a consistent speed. If you remember this, it’s easy to see why turning up your thermostat will not make it run any faster. It will make it work longer to reach the temperature you set it to though, costing you unnecessarily. The best method for quick heating in Portland, OR? Make sure your heater is regularly serviced and operating at peak efficiency.

Myth 3: Buying energy efficient heaters in Portland, OR will lower my energy bill.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to heating and cooling your home is that bigger is not better. If you are in the market for heating in Portland, OR, a professional can help you size your heater. Poor sizing and installation can cost up to a third of your energy consumption. Something to keep in mind when choosing an installation professional.

Myth 4: Ceiling fans are only useful in warm weather.

Heat rises. We all learned it in grade school, but it’s incredibly easy to forget. In the winter you can actually save money by reversing your fan. Setting a fan on low and reversing the motor allows the fan to gently push warm air downward. This heating trick pushes the warmest air back down on you, reducing the temperature with which you can comfortably heat your house.

Myth 5: You can reduce the bill for your heating in Portland, OR by closing vents.

Like we learned in Myth 2, modern forced air heating systems operate on balance. Closing vents doesn’t mean the system isn’t still pushing air through ducts that lead to them. It just means the warm air cannot escape as quickly when it get there. This can cause the system to work even harder as that pressure is directed back in on the system, causing undue wear and tear. Air temperature is also a balancing act. Cold rooms will draw in warm air, so those blocked vents and colder rooms are actually sucking the heat form where you want it.

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